While we may enjoy the overall health and well-being benefits of regular exercise and a balanced diet, the payoff in terms of reducing inches is sometimes underwhelming. There is no way to isolate particular zones of undesired fat by lifestyle choices in problem regions such as belly fat, the double chin, love handles, bra-line fat, and arm flab. You may be interested in receiving treatment for removing stubborn fat from areas around your body. However, you may also want a form of treatment that is not invasive and that does not require much downtime. You should probably consider Coolsculpting as it can check off all those requirements.

What is Coolsculpting?

CoolSculpting is a therapy that targets fat cells that do not react well to weight loss. It employs a technique known as cryolipolysis. The method is capable of freezing the desired fat cells. It can accomplish this without freezing the skin, so there is no risk to the region being treated. This type of therapy has several significant advantages. The Coolsculpting process does not necessitate the use of any injections. There is nothing invasive about the procedure compared to others that require incisions or minor surgical methods. Coolsculpting is also thought to be painless as some people may suffer minor swelling post-treatment.

Another significant advantage is that there is no downtime as a result of the therapy. One to two hours following the operation, clients usually can resume their daily routine. They can drive and have very little discomfort in the treatment area. There is no requirement for recovery time. The process has been built utilizing target-specific technology. Fat cells have a propensity to collect, resulting in lumps and bumps on the body. These are fat cells that have accumulated and are resistant to traditional techniques of removal. The Coolsculpting process allows these fat deposits to be properly targeted.

Types of applicators

There are two types of applicators that can be used during your Coolsculpting treatment. Both have relatively similar sensations during application but differ in the method of how they are used as one uses suction and the other does not.

Vacuum-assisted applicators

Suction is employed in the most popularly used applicators to pull fat into the device. The vacuum pressure may induce deep pulling, tugging, and pinching sensations in the region being treated. This sensation will fade within several minutes of each application, and the rest of the session should be comfortable.

Flat applicator

The flat applicators do not use suction, and the experience involves tingling and stinging for around ten minutes as the applicator cools the fat. Some patients have relatively minor sensations with some having more severe sensations at the start of each session, but the symptoms fade after the first 10 minutes.

Coolsculpting Procedure

Prepping your designated Coolsculpting area on your body

Before treatment starts the area that will be treated will be marked to ensure optimal placement and size of the Coolsculpting equipment. A cool gel pad is placed over the highlighted area to protect your skin from the applicator. The gel pad can be a mixture of a thin cotton-like pad and a liquid substance similar to ultrasound gel.

First application

The Coolsculpting equipment uses vacuum pressure to draw the tissue into the cooling panels. Once it is placed on the desired application area and the applicator is turned on, within a few minutes you will begin to feel some pressure and coolness. However, as the treatment continues you may begin to notice that you are no longer feeling these sensations and this is normal.

Added support

The applicator will be left on the desired area for the entire length of the treatment time which is usually an hour. As the applicator is running a pillow can be placed around the applicator as it is running to ensure that it does not fall off during treatment and that it is properly held up to avoid any discomfort for the patient. As the applicator can uncomfortably pull on the skin if not properly supported.

Applicator continues running during the treatment

The applicator delivers precisely controlled cooling that freezes your target fat cells. These fat cells are safely and gradually removed from your body. With added support and proper application, the treatment is comfortable, and non-invasive, while there are no restrictions afterward. While the applicator is running this is a good time to simply relax or do some reading.

At the end of the procedure

After a one-hour treatment and the applicator is slowly removed you will notice that your skin will be both red and raised. This appearance is only temporary after the applicator is removed. After the removal of the applicator, the treated area is massaged for a few minutes by your specialist and the skin can begin to return to its normal appearance. Massage of the treated area can be a safe and effective way to further reduce the fat layer following a Coolsculpting treatment.

Post-treatment expectations

After CoolSculpting, your body works naturally to remove the dead fat cells, just as it would with any other dead cell. For further clarification, CoolSculpting is not a method of losing weight. It is not a cellulite treatment for aesthetic purposes. It is, however, a procedure that is intended to get rid of stubborn fat deposits that will not go away with diet and exercise. The great majority of individuals have only minor discomfort as a result of the operation. While your body is recovering, you may experience some minor soreness. As everyone is different and some people’s bodies are more vocal than others. There can be some feelings of tenderness in the treated areas, deep itch sensations, some tingling, and some minor numbness.

All of these are regular post-procedure side effects as your skin is waking up after an hour of continual cold. Consider how your hands feel after coming in from outside in cold temperatures. To reiterate, everyone’s pain threshold is different. What one individual finds unpleasant may not even resonate with another as it will be dependent on the individual. There have been some unusual adverse effects or incidents where patients had prolonged pain, however, they are rare outliers and are more symptomatic of one person’s body reacting poorly. Talk to your doctor straight away if you have severe side effects or if they do not go away after two weeks.

Maximize results

Weight gain will hinder you from fully enjoying your treatment results. Hence why it is important that Following your treatment, maintain a balanced diet and exercise program to help avoid this. Coolsculpting, like liposuction, destroys and removes fat cells from the treated region. If you consume more calories than you burn from typical activity and exercise, the excess calories will be stored as fat in other parts of your body.
This is an excellent time to assess your food and exercise habits and, if necessary, make changes to improve your results. If you believe you might benefit from it, our specialists are delighted to give guidance and counseling to assist you to make adjustments or determine correct caloric objectives.

In addition, after your treatment anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, naproxen, and Celebrex should be avoided for six weeks following therapy. The inflammatory reaction in your body is the mechanism that destroys fat cells, and blocking the body’s capacity to generate a response may hinder the progression of your Coolsculpting results. However, always discuss your medication intake with your family doctor in regard to prescriptions and medications before and after Coolsculpting treatment. It is highly recommended to also schedule a follow-up medical examination to discuss your clinical outcomes and the possibility of further treatments to obtain the desired outcome for this and other treatment sites.