If you are searching for a cellulite treatment clinic, look no further than aesthetic provider Dr. Folake Pepple and the team at Silverado Medical & Aesthetic Clinic in Calgary AB. Cellulite reduction treatment helps smooth unwanted dimples on the skin. Cellulite affects nearly 90% of women and 10% of men at some point in their lives. Although it is common, there are misconceptions about what cellulite is, what causes it, and how to get rid of cellulite.


Cellulite has become a normal part of aging or hormonal changes. The surface of the skin may appear lumpy or dimpled. This happens when the fat beneath the skin pushes against the connective tissue creating the appearance of orange peel skin or a dimpled, cottage cheese look. It is not simply caused by excess fat. Even individuals who are well within their ideal weight range experience cellulite or uneven skin on their breasts, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. Skin laxity is part of the problem.

For women, the chance of cellulite appearing increases with age and often peaks near menopause. Hormonal changes such as declining estrogen levels contribute to changes in circulation and reduced collagen production. Fat cells increase in size or number. The collagen layer is thinner. Blood supply changes. These changes in the body lead to the appearance of cellulite.


Cellulite is not dangerous and does not pose a threat to a patient’s health, but it does create an unappealing aesthetic. The cosmetic industry promotes smooth skin through creams, lotions, and massages designed to improve the appearance of cellulite. Many of the treatments do not erase the fat cell growth, but each has a level of effectiveness in improving the skin’s appearance

Cellulite treatments are available as at-home remedies, commercial products, or as professional procedures from an aesthetic provider. Suggested treatments may include topical scrubs, creams or lotions, deep massages, hormone treatments, or lifestyle changes such as altering your diet or not smoking. The aim is to break down the connective tissue bands to smooth out the skin.

Our aesthetic team uses current techniques and technologies to address cellulite. By first understanding the patient’s medical history, lifestyle, and body type, we can suggest an appropriate treatment plan based on his/her unique needs. Possible therapies or treatments may include one of or a combination of the following options:

  • Mesotherapy injections – This is a minimally invasive injectable treatment that breaks down the orange peel appearance to smooth the skin. A customized formula of ingredients is injected into the skin to disrupt the structure of the fat. The fat is eliminated by the body. Mesotherapy may also stimulate collagen production. A series of treatments is needed to achieve the desired result.
  • Venus legacy skin tightening – Skin tightening is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment to improve skin laxity. The tissue is heated uniformly to trigger the body’s natural healing process. This increases collagen and elastin to thicken and firm the skin. Although improvement is immediate, six to eight treatments are recommended for optimal results.


Regardless of the treatment you choose, it is important to have realistic expectations. As of right now, it is not possible to cure or to permanently reverse the effects of cellulite production. However, there are treatments to improve the appearance of dimpled skin. Each product has a different level of effectiveness.

At Silverado Medical & Aesthetic Clinic, we will work with you to customize the most appropriate treatment plan to improve your skin’s appearance. Although there is no cure for cellulite, combining a healthy lifestyle with your treatments may help improve your results. Following a healthy diet, drinking enough water, exercising, moisturizing and exfoliating maintains your newly smoothed skin.

If you want to reshape your body and get rid of orange peel skin, consider cellulite treatment. Contact Silverado Medical & Aesthetic Clinic to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pepple. Call 844-314-4891.