The Silverado Medical & Aesthetic Clinic team has numerous ways to rejuvenate, refresh, and repair aging skin. A category of cosmetic procedures involves skillfully injecting Health Canada-approved products with very fine needles to specific parts of the face. Fillers plump or “fill in” sunken areas like the apples of the cheeks, and the process of adding volume under the skin also has a wrinkle-softening effect. As a neuromodulator, Botox is a muscle relaxant designed to improve the appearance of specific types of lines and wrinkles. Combined with fillers for a “liquid facelift,” Botox is a low-risk alternative to surgery.

You may know Botox as Botulinum Toxin Injection Therapy, which is used to produce visible changes to aging skin. Produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacteria, Botulinum toxin in small amounts tailored to each patient, blocks the nerve’s ability to send signals to the facial muscles that create expression lines. The cumulative effects of years of using the same muscles to squint or frown, creates lines visible even when your face is at rest. Think of a piece of paper, folded repeatedly, hundreds of times. Ultimately, that paper will have creases that grow increasingly visible with repeated folds. Skin responds accordingly. The lines in youth that appear when expressing surprise or anxiety become a permanent facial fixture.

  • Administered by a qualified medical professional like Dr. Pepple, the impulse that causes those expression-producing muscles to contract is interrupted.
  • Since the amount of Botox is very small, tailored to your needs, and is injected so precisely, only the crow’s feet around your eyes or the frown lines on your forehead are softened; the rest of your face is unaffected, so you can continue to make natural expressions.
  • With repeat injections at intervals recommended by Dr. Pepple, beautiful results can be lasting.

She can discuss ways to prevent lines from forming or to minimize their appearance. Even diligent use of a good skincare regime reduces the dryness that frequently affects aging skin, making lines look less noticeable.